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The Structure's Engineering & Inspection offers permitting services to assist in closing open or expired permits. We will inspect the work to ensure it was installed/constructed to the standards of the Florida Building Code that was in effect at the time the item was permitted. We will then provide an Engineering Affidavit that will allow the permit to be closed if the inspection passes, or an Engineering Defect Letter so the homeowner can correct the defects and have the item reinspected. We would then produce the Engineering Affidavit to close the permit after the defect(s) have been corrected. 

Permit Inspection Scope of Service: 

1. Research of the property in question using the relevant municipal websites for all permit information;

2. Site visit by P.E. to inspect item on open or expired permit;

3. Verbal explanation by the P.E. at the end of the site visit discussing if the item passed or has defects and what they are;

4. Signed and sealed Engineering Affidavit or Engineering Defect Letter produced by the P.E. and delivered in pdf format* within        24 hours will include:

    - A description of the property with open or expired permit information;

    - Stating if the item was up to standards(relevant Florida Building Code will be referenced), or list of any defects;

    - Technical (including dimensions, instructions, and material costs) requirements to pass reinspection (if necessary).

*Hard copy mailed or delivered upon request (cost for postage and handling).


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