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Sinkhole/Subsidence Property Designation Inspection

We provide inspection of properties that have a "Sinkhole" or "Subsidence" designation.

Unfortunately these designations have been placed on properties using very loosely defined standards in Florida, especially in the early 2000's, and it appears usually to be for insurance claims. Many of the properties with these designations did not have discernable enough structural damage to support the property designation, to have recommended foundation stabilization, or to even have had the recommended Sinkhole Investigation (or subsurface investigation) that took place. 


Our sinkhole/subsidence inspections are similar to our typical structural inspections, however; in addition these inspections require thorough review of an existing Geotechnical Investigation Report and sometimes a Repair Report. Our signed and sealed report can be filed with the city or county municipality to have the property designation changed or removed.  


Sinkhole/Subsidence Property Designation Inspection Scope of Service: 

1. Research of the property in question using the relevant municipal websites accessible online, such as permits;

2. Review of the Geotechnical Report (sometimes called Subsurface Exploration) if available (also Repair Report if applicable);

3. Site visit by P.E. to inspect the property;

4. Verbal explanation of the findings provided by the P.E. at the end of the site visit.

5. Signed and sealed report produced by the P.E. and delivered in pdf format within 72 hours will include:

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