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Structural & Civil Design

We provide structural and civil design services for residential and light commercial (under 3 stories) properties. Our design services are ideal for small scale construction operations, especially for property owners who are completing some or all of the work on their own (acting as their own contractor under Florida Statute 489.103).

We can also perform site visits to provide guidance and verification of proper installation for homeowners doing their own work or to verify contractor work. 

Our structural and civil design services include:

   - Construction Drawings for all types of residential structural repairs, modifications, or renovations;

   - Room additions;

   - Property drainage or storm water diversion design;

   - Solar panel system design;

   - Energy conservation design;

   - After the fact permitting. 

Design services require a site visit to collect existing site data prior to the creation of Construction Drawings or an Engineering Affidavit. All designs are in accordance with Florida Building Code, Seventh Edition (2020).

Design Inspection Site Visit Scope of Service: 

1. Research of the property in question using the relevant municipal websites accessible online, such as permits;

2. Site visit by P.E. to collect existing site data (up to 3 hours);

3. Verbal explanation of the structural requirements for the proposed project, recommendations and possible options for design       will be provided by the P.E. at the end of the site visit. The cost and expected timeline for the Construction Drawings (if                     necessary) will also be provided by the P.E. at the end of the site visit;

4. Signed and sealed report outlining the project and the requirements for structural modification (if necessary). An Engineering        Affidavit will be produced if there are no structural requirements (such as wall in question is not a load bearing wall), or if the        issue is simple enough to be handled with an Engineering Affidavit (that would include technical repair requirements) for                permitting and/or contractor needs. 


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