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Milestone Inspections

The new Florida Statute section 553.899 requires multi-story residential buildings and condominiums three (3) stories or more in height to receive mandatory structural inspections called Milestone Inspections. 

A Milestone Inspection is a structural inspection of a building, including an inspection of load-bearing walls and the primary structural members and primary structural systems as those terms are defined in s. 627.706, by a licensed architect or engineer authorized to practice in this state for the purposes of attesting to the life safety and adequacy of the structural components of the building and, to the extent reasonably possible, determining the general structural condition of the building as it affects the safety of such building, including a determination of any necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement of any structural component  of the building. The purpose of such inspection is not to determine if the condition of an existing building is in compliance with the Florida Building Code or the fire safety code.

Milestone Inspection Scope of Work: 

1. Research of the property in question using the relevant municipal websites accessible online, such as permits;

2. Site visit by P.E.  to inspect;

3. Verbal explanation of the diagnosis and recommendations provided by the P.E. at the end of the site visit;

4. Signed and sealed report produced by the P.E. and delivered in pdf format* within 72 hours will include:

    - A description of the property and reason for the inspection,

    - A thorough written explanation of the diagnosis and findings,

    - Technical (including dimensions, instructions, and material costs) repair recommendations if any structural defects are found.


If it is determined (by the property owner) at the time of inspection that Construction Drawings may be needed for permitting, contracting, or for the homeowner's use, then site data can be collected at that time.

*Hard copy mailed or delivered upon request (cost for postage and handling).



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