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Manufactured Home Tie Down Inspection

We offer manufactured home tie down inspections that are generally required for FHA and VA financing, but could also be for a diligent homeowner that would like to know that their home is properly secured and installed to HUD standards. Our inspection will verify your new home is secure per HUD and Florida Building Code standards and provide a sign and sealed report to satisfy the lender. For an additional fee, we can provide a Property Report for the homeowner outlining the maintenance schedule, or even a full home inspection (includes maintenance schedule, see home inspection page for full scope of services).

Tie Down Inspection Scope of Service: 

1. Research of the property in question using the relevant municipal websites accessible online, such as permits;

2. Site visit by P.E. of 0.5 to 1 hour;

3. Verbal explanation of the findings provided by the P.E. at the end of the site visit;

4. Signed and sealed report produced by the P.E. and delivered in pdf format* within 24 hours that states that the home is up to      standards guaranteed for satisfaction of the lender. If the home is not up to standards, then the defects will be outlined with        technical (including dimensions, instructions, and material costs) requirements.  

*Hard copy mailed or delivered upon request (cost for postage and handling).



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