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Design-Build Contracting Services

Beginning in February 2024, The Structure's will be accepting new clients for Design - Build contracting services.

As a design-build contractor we will be able to complete every step of your project from design to permitting to construction. This streamlined contracting method will allow us to offer lower cost services with faster completion times and less risk.

Our design-build services will include:


1. Any/all types of residential structural repairs, modifications, or small additions.

2. All types of concrete work to include sidewalks, driveways, piers, foundations, etc. 

3. Custom homes (except waterfront).

    Only atypically, or uniquely designed homes with an emphasis on low maintenance will be offered quotes. 

    Typical Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) with wood truss style designed homes will not be offered quotes. 

To inquire about Design-Build contracting services, email your project proposal to

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